May. 4th, 2017

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"Shapes" was bad. So, so bad.

Darren Mooney, writing for the m0vie blog, expresses it perfectly.

"Shapes feels like a misfire, and a waste. It seems misguided and miscalculated, a cynical use of Native American history and culture as set dressing on a traditional werewolf story. This might be forgivable if the werewolf story were interesting, but the whole thing feels rather dull. It’s not a wolf in sheep’s clothing, it’s more like a sheep in wolf’s clothing." Source: [x]


I have one. My problem is that you'll have to rewatch "Shapes" to understand the story, and I cannot in good conscience recommend anyone do that.

In Wolf's Clothing by aka "Jake"
Rating: NC-17 (Wendelah note: I'd classify this Teen and Up)
Classification: Post-Ep for "Shapes"
Spoilers: "Shapes"

Summary: "A manitou overtakes a man by night, not by full moon. But when its blood lust builds to an uncontrollable level, a man changes to a sickening creature. It kills, releasing the savage energy. The man returns to his true self, unaware of what has happened. The cycle begins anew the next day." -- Ish in "Shapes"

Okay. That's not the most useful summary I've ever read. "In Wolf's Clothing" was written for Fandomonium's Virtual Season of Smut, but it's not porn. This is a casefile, a short story, but casefic nonetheless. My summary: Scully's been attacked, and is in a coma. Mulder has been accused of the crime. I still wish aka "Jake" had developed this a little more, but it was memorable enough for me to search for it, and certainly well-written enough for me to rec it.


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