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The game plan for "Young at Heart" must have been to see how many clichés they could jam into one episode, in between the plotholes. A former colleague of Mulder's bites the dust—check! Scully is put in jeopardy—twice—check! Rookie Mulder follows protocol and someone dies—check! And putting Mulder in exactly the same situation with Barnett so that this time around he can go against the rules and take the shot—could you be more predictable, Chris Carter?

Instead of wasting time with a rehash of the courtroom scene, they could have told us more about the secret laboratories in Mexico and South America. I'm puzzled. I can believe the lack of government oversight. Taxpayer dollars get flushed down the toilet every day. But what about those Other Investors Who Shall Remain Nameless? They've been paying for this research but they've never seen any of it? This pattern demonstrates a clear lack of accountability to their shareholders! Since Barnett was the only success story, and Dr. Ridley couldn't even figure out how to save himself from the side effects of his treatment, of what real value is his much-vaunted research, especially since he won't be around to carry it on?

FYI, there are four Level One trauma centers in Washington D.C. so there would be no need for the government to fly in trauma specialists to try to save Barnett's life. I could ask this same question every single week: Was there no one with any background in medicine willing to look at these scripts? Hell, I would have done it for free. Okay, I would have done it for cheap. And they never do explain how Barnett got out of prison, or where's he's been hiding out, waiting to exact his revenge on Mulder.


There are no post-eps that I'd recommend, so let's go in a different direction. Since the pre-X-Files story in "Young at Heart" was such a waste of time, let me suggest a couple of fics in that genre.

I enjoy Joann Humby's writing, particularly her casefiles. If you like this fic, you can check out the others in this section: Pre X-Files. You can also read most of her fic at Gossamer.

"A Case of Compromise" by Joann Humby
Rating - PG
Classification - X
Summary: It’s 1991, Mulder has the X-Files and no partner. Scully is working at Quantico. A Senator’s daughter goes missing and life gets difficult.

Author's note: While there are no actual spoilers in here, the story is consistent with Mulder’s and Scully’s histories as revealed up to the end of season 5. It explains some of what led to Scully’s assignment to the X-Files.

This next fic has some—peculiar—XF fic tropes, including the one about the enormity of Mulder's cock, but otherwise it's a sweet, sad ring-fic, which nicely fills in that odd gap in Mulder's backstory between high school graduation and attending Oxford.

"Angie" by OneMillionandNine
Rating: hard-R
Category: Mostly pre-XF, MSR, M/O in retrospect
Summary: The truth about Mulder's marriage.
Notes: Thanks to MaybeAmanda for asking good questions and keeping me from posting fic that looks like it was done by e.e. cummings on mescaline.
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I feel myself getting into their heads and I'm scared by what I'm feeling: the intoxicating freedom that comes from disconnecting action and consequence. Theirs is a world where nothing matters but their own needs, their own impossible appetites. And, while the pleasure they derive from acts of violence is clearly sexual, it also speaks to what Warden Jackson called their operatic devotion to each other. It's a love affair I almost envy. - Jack Willis, "Lazarus"

As is so often the case with The X-Files, be careful what you wish for. Jack Willis literally gets to live that relationship, feel Dupre's mad passion for Lula, experience his betrayal at the hands of his duplicitous lover, and, as his friend, Dana Scully, looks on in horror, pull the trigger that ends Lula's life.

I'm pretty sure I've seen this opera before, is what I'm thinking.

More about Lazarus )


Well. There isn't much, so I read or at least skimmed it all. I DO IT ALL FOR YOU.

I like this vignette by Leiascully.

Lazarus (620 words) by leiascully
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Dana Scully/Jack Willis
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Additional Tags: Episode Related, Minor Character Death, Minor Injuries, Biblical References, Past Relationship(s)
Series: Part 17 of The FBI's Most Unwanted

She had raised Jack from the grave like Lazarus, but she was no saint: he had not come back the same.

The only other story I can recommend is Suzanne Barringer's "A Change of Cast," which does a good job of filling out the skimpy backstory provided by 1013, as far as it takes us, which is up to the brink of the pilot episode. I should give you fair warning: I fast-forwarded through the (to me) interminable sex scenes. But the rest of the story is interesting and well-done.

Fanfiction Request: I'd love to see someone write a story from the POV of a sadder but wiser Scully, looking back on all of her relationships. Or even Scully looking back at her relationship with Willis, after watching him die in "Lazarus." After knowing the woman she will become, the Dana Scully in "A Change of Cast" is a little too naive and untested for my taste.


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