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"Fallen Angel" introduces one of The X-Files' most memorable characters: Max Fenig. Max is a transient who lives in a small trailer and follows the police and military frequencies using an elaborate array of radio equipment. He's a member of NICAP, which he proudly tells Mulder stands for the National Investigative Committee of Aerial Phenomenon. After Mulder finds him in his trailer having convulsions, Max tells Mulder that he's had epilepsy since the age of ten. By the end of "Fallen Angel," Mulder has concluded that Max is a multiple abductee.

Because the UFO community has been following Mulder's career since he began working with the X-Files, we learn from Max that Mulder published an article in Omni under the pseudonym "M. Luder." Mulder is surprised Max knows who he is, and to learn that anyone was paying attention. But as Max reminds him, "Someone is always paying attention, Mr. Mulder."

Max refers to Mulder's partner as "the enigmatic Agent Scully," which was quickly transformed in fanon into "the Enigmatic Doctor Scully," for reasons lost in the annals of fandom. As you might imagine, Agent Doctor Scully is less than amused.

These alien beings must have personal stealth technology; otherwise, why can they only be seen via heat-sensing technology? Do the aliens have the ability to emit radiation at will or is that some sort of a weapon? Based on no evidence whatsoever, Mulder is quick to assume the alien has benign intentions and that it's only trying to protect itself from the military. But, it didn't kill Mulder, and it certainly had the opportunity to do so in the warehouse before Max was beamed up to the mothership.

As a consequence of his shenanigans, the FBI should have fired Mulder. There must be two factions within the organization: one pro-Mulder, and one that's anti-Mulder. "Keep your friends close but keep your enemies closer," Deep Throat tells Section Chief McGrath. Yeah, right. I also had to laugh when McGrath informs Deep Throat that he's "ruined the last best chance we had to get rid of him." McGrath must have meant the last best chance the FBI will have to get rid of Mulder--until he does something else really stupid--like next week, for example.


Sadly, specific to "Fallen Angel," there is nothing I'd recommend. I looked through all of the usual places and some I hadn't ventured to in years. My conclusion: there isn't nearly enough fanfic written for the first season, really for the first three seasons. Let's get on that, shall we? But I did run into this little crossover with Doctor Who.

Title: Space Enough and Time
Author: MaybeAmanda (Amanda Wilde)
Email: maybe_underscore_a at rocketmail dot com
Categories: Crossover (X-Files/Dr Who (2005)
Word Count: ~7500
Rating: PG. Yeah, really.
Timeline: Very very very very very early Season One (XF), Ten and Rose, whenever. (Dr. Who)
Spoilers: Not really. (Wendelah's note: It does take place after "Fallen Angel."

Summary: Scully, Mulder, The Doctor, Rose, and the TARDIS.

AGAIN: VERY early Season One X-Files. That is key!

Next up is "Eve."


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