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"The Host" is perhaps the classic Monster of the Week episode. There seems to be general agreement that this is the grossest episode of the series to date. Poor Agent Mulder spends way more time in the sewer than anyone should have to, let alone a major character in a hit series.

Mulder is grateful, if amazed, when Skinner pulls him off his despised white collar surveillance, assigning him to investigate the death of a man found in the New Jersey sewer system; however, his initial enthusiasm quickly turns to disgust. This feeling is universal. "This is one case I'm going to be happy to turn over to you guys," says the police detective at the scene. "Hey, Agent Mulder. What would you like us to do with the body?"

Mulder wrinkles up his nose, then tells them to send the corpse to the FBI, care of Assistant Director Skinner. Yeah, he really does say that. Next he marches into Skinner's office, interrupts a meeting in progress, and proceeds to tell his boss how to do his job. Seriously, how is this man still employed by the Bureau? And who did Skinner piss off to end up as Mulder's direct report?

Exercising an inordinate amount of restraint, Skinner tells Mulder that he needs to go investigate the case he's been assigned. Mulder is convinced he's being punished, so he heads over to whine about the case to his ex-partner. Scully's already heard the gossip about his confrontation with Skinner. He tells her that he's thinking about quitting the Bureau. She lets him know that she would consider it "more than a professional loss" if he leaves. She suggests that she could request to perform the autopsy. "There's a dead body, isn't there?" she reminds him.

Scully does her job and most reluctantly, Mulder does his. Low and behold: there is something to investigate after all, and it's even an X-File. It turns out Mulder has "a friend at the FBI," someone who has applied some serious leverage to get Mulder assigned to this case. "Success in your current assignment is imperative," his new Friend exhorts. "Reinstatement of the X-Files must be undeniable." With a little nudge from his Friend, Scully figures out that the dead man is a Russian sailor, and between them, they deduce that the killer is a giant, blood-sucking worm, played by actor/writer Darin Morgan.

I'd better just hand-wave the science. We'll move quickly past the incompetence of the Marshals for transporting the Flukeman without an armed guard, and the idiocy of the Department of Justice in thinking they can build a case against a giant worm.

"That creature came off of a decommissioned Russian freighter that was used in the disposal of salvage material from the meltdown (at Chernobyl). It was born in a... in a primordial soup of radioactive sewage," Scully tells Mulder. Actually, it was born in the fertile imagination of Chris Carter. The audience watches as the Flukeman escapes back into the sea...

Okay, onward. I know filk was a controversial genre, even back in the day, and now it must seem hopelessly out of style. But, I'm reccing this anyway. Why? It's funny.

I'm a Liverfluke (181 words) by campylobacter
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Flukeman
Additional Tags: Filk, Parody, Episode Related

Summary: About the episode "The Host"; song parody based on Monty Python's "The Lumberjack Song".

"The Repeat Customer" by aka "Jake"
Rating: NC-17 (language, adult situations)
Classification: Post-Ep for "The Host" (Other classifications have been left off to prevent giving too much away.)
Summary: "What's your pleasure tonight, Marty?"
Author's Notes: Written for Fandomonium's Virtual Season of Smut Challenge (Season Two). Fair warning: if there are certain classifications you prefer not to read, have a friend read and rec. I offer no guarantee that this story is "safe" for all readers.
Wendelah's note: And neither do I. Adults only, please. I like the fic but it will not be to everyone's taste, that's for certain.

BONUS REC: Does everyone know about "Monster of the Week, the Complete Cartoon X-Files"? Read Season 2, Episode 2 "The Host or Flukeman!!!" and then read the rest. Best line: (Scully to Mulder re: Flukie) "Wow. That thing is amazing. And a deftly inventive screenwriter."

While there isn't much fanfic for "The Host," I keep finding new artwork of the Flukeman. Everyone loves to draw Flukie!

Damn. Now I can't get that Monty Python song out of my head.
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