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While "Born Again" isn't the season's best episode, it's hardly the worst. There were some things to like: the creepy performance of the child actor playing Michelle Bishop; all of the quirky visual elements to the case--the mutilated dolls, the Noah's Ark painting with the origami animals, the fish tank with the little diver. I thought Mulder seeing the image of the diver superimposed on the video-recording and his explanation for it--a documented case of someone who could create the image on film with their mind--was cool. Mulder's brain is like an encyclopedia of the weird and unexplained.

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Midway through the case, Mulder gets side-tracked from the murder investigation. The aborted regression hypnosis of Michelle Bishop convinces him that she's the re-embodied soul of the policeman whose death they're investigating, Charlie Morris. Even after the remaining bad guy is in jail and the case is all but wrapped up, we find Mulder over at the Bishops' house, having failed to persuade Michelle's mother to allow her daughter be hypnotized again. Fortunately for Michelle, her mother cares more for her child than she does about finding "the truth."

Scully did her best to keep Mulder on track. "Let's just say that, by some small miracle, you manage to convince Michelle's mother, and the next hypno-regression provides you with everything you could possible hope for. No grand jury is going to listen to that kind of testimony. We still will not have an actionable case." And she's right. They're working for the FBI; their job is to solve crimes, not prove Mulder's theories about the paranormal.

It made me uncomfortable to see how much Mulder's obsessions can blind him. What I wanted from an episode tag was a story that dealt honestly with the tension between Mulder and Scully, a fic that didn't smooth things over too easily. I wanted to see the anger spill over, perhaps affect their working relationship in some way. If that story exists, I haven't read it. But I do have a couple of fics which are set during season one to rec.

A Three Fish Man (762 words) by leiascully
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Additional Tags: Pets, Fluff

It wasn't a big change in his life when Scully moved in to the office.

What it says on the label. I've always had a weakness for Mulder's fish. And hey, the aquarium in "Born Again" played an important role as the murder weapon.

Waiting for Agent Right by Kel
Feedback: ckelll@hotmail.com
Disclaimer: Mulder and Scully aren't mine, unless you count the action figures. [from FTF] In which case I own Mulder, Scully, the alien, and that poor firefighter.
Rating: PG
Keywords: MS Friendship, drunkfic
Category: Story, humor
Thanks: To Erin and Trelawney for the beta-reading. Their comments are so good that I'm frequently forced to steal them verbatim.
Summary: Killing time in an anonymous airport. Mulder wants a toaster.
Spoilers: Set in the first season. Definite spoiler for Travelers. Little one for Tooms, and some minor foreshadowing for Tempus Fugit.

Okay, so this fic has no connection whatsoever to "Born Again," but it is set during the first season. I doubt Mulder and Scully drove all the way to Buffalo, New York from Washington D.C. and back again, so you could imagine this as a post-ep. And it's Kel, and she brings the funny like no one else, before or since.



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