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"Agent Mulder, every life, every day, is in danger. That’s just life."

This is such a strange and wonderful episode. Her mother already has her gravestone picked out when suddenly, out of nowhere, Scully reappears in the ER of a DC hospital. She's comatose and on a ventilator, with a biological poison in her bloodstream. According to the doctor attending her, Scully is dying. The Lone Gunmen reluctantly agree. Over Mulder's objections, Melissa and Mrs. Scully elect to follow the terms of Scully's living will, and remove her from life support.

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Fanfic Recs:

This fic was nominated at the xf-book-club, a couple of years ago. I finally got around to reading it (so embarrassing...), and of course it's good! I think Martha wrote a fair amount of fic for the Lone Gunmen, so I'm looking forward to checking her stuff out.

"All the Wildflowers by Martha"
Rated PG | 14K | Category VA | Archived 97-09-25
Spoilers: One Breath
Keywords: none provided
Summary: Missing scenes from the episode. Frohike prepares to visit Scully in the hospital.

I admire Pares' writing, but somehow I'd forgotten she wrote this fic. I like her Frohike and Skinner and can easily imagine them meeting this way.

C.O. (1702 words) by Pares
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: General Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Characters: Melvin Frohike, Walter Skinner

Walter Skinner and Melvin Frohike weren't drafted. In a coffee shop in Maryland, they fight the same war in very different ways. Set pre-XF, circa 1973.

This fic was written for one of those random elements challenges they used to do back in the day. You'd never know it, the way it all fits together. You have to have talent to pull those off, methinks. Scully is back and Mulder is still having a hard time coping.

"Cannibals and Chlorine: A Love Story" by Gina Rain
Category: M/S UST
Rating: PG
Spoilers: Post One-Breath, Pre-Firewalker
Summary: Mulder experiences separation anxiety.

This is another one of my "kind of a post-ep" recs. Mulder and Scully go to a Halloween party. They're in costume. There's dancing. It's adorable. I rec this fic every chance I get. Did I mention Melissa makes a brief appearance there, too? I think I have to read it again now.

"October Skies" by Oracle
Classification: SRA 
Rated: PG-13
Key Words: Mulder/Scully romance, sallie safe
Spoilers: Duane Barry, Ascension, One Breath
Summary: "We'll be partying all night long, anyway," says Mulder, planning to take her home as soon as she yawns. "Right?" "You got it."


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