May. 25th, 2017

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I want to love this episode. And there are things I love in "Little Green Men," but damn it, the plot is so full of holes. And, a Mulder who's acting self-absorbed and peevish is not my favorite Mulder.

I enjoyed meeting Senator Matheson, played by Raymond Jay Barry, whom some of you may recognize as Arlo Givens on Justified. But, thanks to the writers, he's sending Mulder off on a wild goose chase.More about Little Green Men )

No rec list of fanfic set during the early seasons is complete without "Universal Invariants." Yes, you've all heard of the story and most of you have probably read it, too. If you are like me, you've read it more than once, especially Chapter 12. *cough* In "Universal Invariants," syntax6 takes the canon from season one and early season two, adds an au twist, throws in a tasty casefile, mixes in plenty of UST, Mulder/Scully banter, and some angsty relationship stuff, and presents us with a fanfiction classic.

"Universal Invariants" by syntax6
Spoilers: all of season one and season two through "One Breath"
Summary: Here's the premise: what if Ethan's scene hadn't been cut out of the pilot and Scully had been allowed to have a life of her own, apart from Mulder and the X-files? How would the storyline have been changed? How would it have stayed the same? Wendelah note: The summary is mine, not the author's.

Author's note: I don't really classify fics because my labels don't often match what readers expect, so I am leaving all keywords off here. You clicks your mouse, and you takes your chance. The story will likely stray toward NC-17 territory for sexuality, violence and adult themes. Minors please read elsewhere.

My next rec has a very different take on early Mulder and Scully. I'm linking to the post at LJ because the comments are interesting and insightful, even mine. *g* This is an original and striking episode tag for "Little Green Men."

"In the Fields of Boaz" by Crinolynne
Rating: G
Spoilers: Little Green Men
Summary: He's still not sure what she's doing here, her presence a Fortean event.

One last rec. I'm placing "Hollow Day" here because it deals with the vagaries of memory, in particular, what Mulder recalls about his sister's abduction and its aftermath. I must warn you: this is not the usual, cheery, feel-good holiday story, nor is it the sort of story we've come to expect from Kel. There are not many fic writers who can create believable, compelling original characters the way Kel can. Her narrator, now an adult with children of her own, recalls a traumatic day she spent at the Mulders, specifically the Thanksgiving immediately following Samantha's abduction.

"Hollow Day" by Kel
DISCLAIMER: Though they are with me, they belong not to me.
SUMMARY: October 1973. Think Watergate. Think oil embargo. Think Samantha.
SPOILERS: Through Season 6.


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