May. 10th, 2017

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"Tooms" is a good episode, notable for several firsts. It's the first time a Monster of the Week gets a sequel. It's also the first time that the character of Assistant Director Skinner makes an appearance. And last but not least, it's the first time the mysterious and omnipresent Cigarette Smoking Man gets a line of dialogue.

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Fanfic recs:

Technically, this would be a post-ep for "All Things," but since the story is set in season one right before "Tooms," that's where my brain has it classified. OneMillionandNine's versions of Mulder and Scully aren't exactly mine, but they are smart, sexy, funny and neurotic. If you are looking for a hearts and flowers ending for M&S, this isn't the place to find one (although if you want one for Sherlock Holmes and Molly Hooper, this fic is what convinced me to watch Sherlock BBC. Season Two is what made me stop watching.) But if you're looking for challenging characterizations and hot sex scenes, OMaN is your writer.

Premature Ejaculation by OneMillionandNine
Spoilers: Tooms, All Things
Category: MSR, V, Angst
Rating: big fat NC-17
Summary: an exercise in possibilities; exactly what has kept M and S apart all these years?

This fic is told from Tooms's POV and it's just as creepy as that would suggest. Elanor G is better known for her casefiles, which are excellent too, but this story is darkly original. The author rates it R but I would give it no more than a Teen for violence.

Undying by Elanor G
RATING: R for blood and guts
CATEGORY/SPOILERS: Uh...Story, inspired by Tooms
SUMMARY: none provided

Technically, this fic takes place in a later season, but if you choose to read it, you'll see why I am placing it here instead. I love everything Alelou has written. "Practice" is as delightful a post-post-post-post-ep for "Tooms" as anyone could desire.

Practice by Alelou
Rating: PG-13 for language
Keywords: MSR, Humor, Vignette
Spoilers: Tooms
Summary: Scully decides she needs practice before she can tell Mulder something important.


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