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I like the creepy atmosphere, the plot twists, and the exquisitely dead-eyed performances of the twin girls who played Cindy Reardon and Teena Simmons. The woman who was cast to play the adult Eve, Dr. Sally Kendrick, looked eerily like an older version of the twins.

It's fun to watch Mulder and Scully spar over the unlikelihood of space aliens travelling to earth in order to exsanguinate cattle. Then Deep Throat introduces Mulder to the Litchfield Project, the US government's response to the Russian's eugenics experiments, which throws a different light onto their investigation.

It's not Mulder and Scully's finest moment when they let Teena and Cindy go in the truck-stop parking lot. So what if some random trucker is holding a gun on them? Mulder and Scully have guns and badges, plus Mulder was holding the girls. The trucker wasn't going to shoot him. They caved way too soon. (The stupid writers made them do it.)

The tagline for the episode's final twist was perfect. "How did you know I'd come for you?" Eve 8 asks the young clones.

"We just knew," Teena and Cindy reply in unison. "We just knew."


This excellent story is by one of my favorite authors. For a show so strongly steeped in horror, there is surprisingly little fic written in the genre. This fic is one of the very best.

We Could Have Made Music (3025 words) by DiscordantWords
Chapters: 1/1
Fandom: The X-Files
Rating: Mature
Warnings: Graphic Depictions Of Violence
Characters: Cindy Reardon, Teena Simmons, Eve 6
Additional Tags: Horror

They are fifteen years old, hale and hearty and healthy, tall and pale and quiet as churchmice. They have grown up to the music of Six's madness, her sobs and sniffles and laughter, the scrape of teeth against metal, the rasp of teeth against skin, the sick sweet wet sounds of tearing flesh.

I have no idea why Julie Fortune isn't more widely recced or read. Her stories are professional caliber, not surprising given that she's a professional writer. She knows how to build suspense without wasting words, but just as on the series, there is a lot happening between the lines. Rarest of all, she writes stories with terrifying x-files at their center.

Falling Stars by Julie Fortune
Rating: gen
Characters: Fox Mulder, Dana Scully
Warnings: none
Spoilers: Eve

Summary: When Mulder disappears without a trace, Scully takes a leave of absence to search for him.
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I like back story but this one seemed...off. Phoebe Green, “game-player extraordinaire,” is an unlikely ex-girlfriend for “the truth is out there” Spooky Mulder. Poor Mulder is too preoccupied with his ex-girlfriend to work on her three-pipe problem. Good grief, he practically swoons when Phoebe hints he can spend the night with her. Fortunately, he has Scully to pick up the slack. Agent Scully uses old-fashioned detective work to solve the case, which, of course, made me very happy.

Amanda Pays is enjoyable as Phoebe. The truly ancient among us may remember her as Theodora Jones in Max Headroom. Mark Sheppard does extra creepy (and extra crispy) as Cecil L'Ively. Sheppard has been in everything, most recently as Crowley in SPN. David Duchovny provides the eye-candy again. Did Shirtless Mulder become a regular thing? I should start keeping a tally.

I was surprised by how many post-eps there were for "Fire," and by how many of them I actually liked.

I'd love to read a fic where Phoebe Green was just in an ordinary, failed college relationship with Mulder. This is not that story but it's a fun, creepy, and sexy pre-x-files fic.

Dead Romantic by ML (link is to Gossamer, scroll to the story)
Email: msnsc21@yahoo.com
Feedback: appreciated and always responded to
Timeline: pre-XF
Rating: adults only, please
Synopsis: Phoebe takes Mulder on a mystery tour.
Disclaimer: They are not mine.
Note: This is a continuation of the vignette, At the Cross Keys. However, this can stand alone if you haven't read that one yet.

Many thanks to beta Carol, who gave me the correct quote and set me on a path that ended up being much more interesting than the original!

Dead of Winter by Jane Lumley
Rated NC-17 | 202K (both parts) | Category SA | Archived 99-08-24
Spoilers: Fire
Keywords: Mulder/other romance. Pre-XF.

Summary: In Oxford, in 1983, two men are obsessed with a brilliant psychology tutor. One is a killer who likes the feel of warm blood. The other is a vulnerable undergraduate called Fox Mulder. Which of them will finally possess her?

The author was at Oxford at the same time as Mulder, although she admits to taking liberties with the setting for the sake of her plot. When Fox Mulder put on "a jumper," I knew she wasn't an American. (We call them sweaters or pullovers.) Also, Mulder is not from the Maritimes. That's still in Canada as far as I know. Nit-picking aside, "Dead of Winter" is Profiler!Mulder: The Oxford Years.

Embers by Foxsong
Rated PG | 16K | Category | Archived 02-02-13
Spoilers: Fire
Keywords: Pre-XF. Post-episode.
Summary: When I was a kid, and my best friend's house burned down, I had to spend the night in the rubble to keep away looters.

"When I was a kid, my best friend's house burned down. Had to spend the night in the rubble to keep away looters. For years, I had nightmares about being trapped in a burning building."

Mulder's story about being afraid of fire didn't quite ring true. The truth had to have be more complicated. Foxsong uses second person POV for this story, an unusual choice, but one which works very well. Her website was preserved on reocities: The Foxsong Files. Her fic is also archived at Gossamer, if you prefer plain text to Geocities Retro.

one plus one equals zero by Khyber
Rated NC-17 | 13K | Category VA | Archived 05-11-13
Spoilers: Er, "Fire," and the orgy scene in "Detour II." What, you haven't seen that one?
Keywords: Mulder/Scully/other sex. Scully/other sex. Slash.

Summary: Scully finds it harder than it used to be.

This is not MSR, and it's not exactly femslash either. What it is, is a scorching hot, twisted, sexual fantasy threesome. I consider Khyber to be one of the best writers (no longer) in our fandom. He wrote complicated plots, complex characters, both canon and original, witty dialogue, and really hot sex. Though he ships Mulder and Scully, and some of his stories are humorous, his version of them is kind of messed up, psychologically speaking.

Madeleine by Amalnahurriyeh
Pairing: Mulder/OMC; Mulder/Scully
Rating: R (nonexplicit sex)
Warnings: None
Author's Notes: (if any) Written for a prompt for queer_fest 2011, "Mulder's Oxford girlfriend showing up was a disaster. His Oxford boyfriend, less so." Posted for the queer_fest 2012 Free For All, and for xf_is_love. (I'm efficient and/or lazy.)

Title after Marcel Proust's Remembrance of Things Past; a good explanation here, complete with baking discussion, and the full quote here. [wendelah note: it links from her post] Gayest possible literary reference, y/mfy?

This is by another of my favorite writers (no longer) in the fandom. Amal ships Mulder and Scully so this fic, like all of her X-Files slash, ends with her OTP. I loved her Sebastian so much I was hoping she'd write more fic for him. Alas, she began writing for Sherlock BBC instead. Grumpy Wendy is grumpy.


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